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The wealth of high quality acoustic music in the Upper Midwest is evident in the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association Member Band Directory, a guide to over 100 traditional acoustic bands based in the region. When they enroll, bands choose their own category (bluegrass, old-time, or related acoustic music), but many bands play music which spans all three categories.

While a number of our member bands are composed of full-time musicians, there are many that play at a semi-professional level, as well as groups that only gather to play for fun.

The band directory is published to assist musicians in connecting with one another and to assist in hiring bands for special events. Member bands are selected to perform at many of the festivals organized by MBOTMA, including the Minnesota Homegrown Kickoff and the Winter Bluegrass Weekend. To enroll your band, please see the band membership area of the website for membership information (go to www.minnesotabluegrass.org > Join Us > Join as a Member Band).

If you have an update or correction for your band's listing, or would like to establish a member band page within the website, please contact the website administrator. Bands are listed by category and include band name, contact name, e-mail address, phone number and website address. Member band pages within the MBOTMA website include band name, photo, 2-3 paragraphs of description, contact information, and a link to the band's website, if appropriate. Be sure the website administrator has the most current information on your band.